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Workforce Expectations and HR Trends in 2017

There is lot been discussed about workplace trends, employee engagement, how to beat attrition etc., across economies. The digital age in business has created ample of opportunities and therefore employees are taking the front seat once again. Businesses are facing... read more

Understanding GST and Key Points for Registration in GST

The businesses in India have been driven evidently by the Indirect Taxes and these taxes have led to restructuring and remodeling of major business operations and systems owing to changes in taxes and costs involved. And proposed GST is evidently the most talked about... read more

Best Payroll Practices and Significance

Talking about the Best Payroll Practices, I remember reading somewhere that an organization without payroll system in place is like an island without man. A business leader knows that Payroll is a necessary component of any business organization- be it big or small.... read more

Highlights of Budget 2015

Tax Rates Personal tax rates (Same as previous year) Income (RS.) Rate of Tax Upto 250000 NIL 250000 – 500000 10% 500000 – 1000000 20% 1000000 & above 30% Note: The above exemption limit shall be considered as 3,00,000 in case of senior citizens aged... read more

Universal Account Number (UAN)

Remember the good old days of transferring your EPF money? It was not unusual to see governments fall before your hard-earned money moved from one account to the other. However, things have changed for the better now.

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